The inkjet journey for sustainable growth

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Take personalisation to the next level.

The successful printers of the future will react to the changing buying habits of their clients and will implement digital printing solutions which offer more flexible business models and prove the ROI for customers. As customer communication requires an increasingly targeted approach on all channels in real-time, print must respond equally if it wants to be part of that omni-channel communication. Now it can!

This webinar explores how the latest developments in high speed production inkjet ticks all the boxes for brands, marketers, creatives and publishers. We have entered the era of hyper-personalisation or what some call ‘mass customisation with print’. Everything you currently do online, you can also do in print! At the highest quality, fastest turnaround time, you can deliver a highly personalised mailing, catalogue, magazine or even book. Print has become programmatic. This puts it on par with digital channels but retains its unique print qualities which far outweigh digital channels when it comes to increased brand attention, retention and emotional appeal.

Let's explore the business models which can be driven by production inkjet, opening up a whole new world of applications you hadn't thought of before. Catch up on our recent webinar and be inspired on where the inkjet journey can take you!

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The no compromise inkjet journey with Canon OnAir webinar series

Learn why the time is now to rethink your technology investments. Find out what high-speed inkjet can do for your business to deliver sustainable growth by catching up on our recent webinars within the series.