Looking to increase engagement with your customers, boost your business and improve your ROI?

Print is your profession.

In this rapidly changing world, print businesses are re-imagining ways to build resilience and to be different. Your customers are too.

Industries are having to evolve, and print is no exception. Digital overdrive is reviving the print industry. To keep your customers at the forefront of this revival though, you need to provide more than just high quality, affordable print with an edge. You need to provide the reassurance of continuity with a future-proof online ordering and process automation solution.

We have compiled a list of tools to help you engage with and reassure your customers:

• Unleash Potential
• Unleash Individuality
• Unleash Adaptability
• Unleash Choice

It’s time to unleash print.


People are rediscovering print. They’ve had enough of digital’s loud, always-on presence and are craving a digital detox. In rediscovering print, they are realising that, not only does it feel good to be away from a screen, but it helps them to take in information and to remember it.

Companies are wanting to win the trust of those who feel disenchanted by digital.

They’re looking for ways to be seen as credible and authoritative. Realising that emotion sells and that print, more immediate, tactile and permanent than digital, engages potential customers emotionally, these companies want more from their print service providers.

Like an eye-catching tattoo, print marketing has retained its permanence and importance as a channel to connect with audiences. In fact, according to the Joint Industry Committee’s Direct Mail Annual Review, 60% of all direct mail is opened upon receipt.

In fact 60% of all direct mail is opened upon receipt, (according to the Joint Industry Committee’s Direct Mail Annual Review). Print marketing is indelible, it has inked its importance as a channel to connect with audiences. Get ready to pave a way for print's new potential. 

Ready to explore print’s new potential?


Real-time marketing extends beyond ‘digital’ these days. Multi-channel campaigns blending print’s ability to emotionally engage with digital’s ability to precisely personalise are helping companies to make customers feel valued.

Get ready to help your customers unleash individuality with quick turnaround personalised print.

Our programmatic printing solutions enable printers to personalise and deliver customised, content-led campaigns in as little as 24 hours, mobilising print alongside digital. Such campaigns match the profiles of individuals at each stage of their customer journey, and, according to Mark Cripps of The Economist Group, are likely to significantly improve ROI.


Print is evolving. The industry is asking ‘How can we help our customers scale new heights?’ The answer is ‘Print now expands to pretty much wherever your clients’ imaginations do.’

Print buyers are looking for ways to make their mark.

They want to boost response rates with data-fed, digitally-led, just-in-time, attention grabbing print. They know that tactile, interactive direct mail has the power to engage people’s heads, hearts and hands. They know too that print goes way beyond direct mail. They’re looking for posters, banners, screens, stickers and other novel signposting methods to promote and inform.

They’re thinking outside of the box, looking to captivate with creative, cost-saving packaging solutions. Labels, book covers and invitations, among other applications, are on their purchasing lists too. They’re re-imagining print. Are you?

It’s not just the applications that are enabling adaptability though, it’s the way they’re delivered. Our self-service web-to-print platform can be implemented remotely. You can automate everything from file receipt to delivery.

Ready to help your customers scale new heights?


Brands spend a lot of money and time answering the question ‘How can we best stimulate positive emotions towards our brand?’ With the choice of finishes you can now add, the answer is print.

Endless choices to enhance print.

Foiling: It’s no longer just about gold or silver. It’s about holographs and metallic mesh. It’s about whatever your customers want it to be. When a dash of class or a soupcon of sophistication is the brief, choose foiling.

Varnishing: It’s no longer just about clear and glossy. Your customers are wanting colour tints, satin and matt, highlights and shadows, depth and density. With Canon you can provide all these choices and more.

Laminating: It’s no longer just about matt or gloss. And your customers do not need to batch bake. With Canon’s professional print solutions, you can varnish, foil, and die cut. You can add colour and texture too. No matter the print run.

Die cutting: Did you know that with Canon solutions, you can now offer automated die cutting? From direct mailers to invitations, to brochures, labels and packaging, die cutting enables you to get seriously creative.

Get ready to help your customers have their cake and eat it too.

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