Online Conference

Future Book Forum 2020

Learn how to turn this year’s challenges into opportunities for the book publishing industry


In these turbulent past months, publishers and printers have been facing significant changes. Now is the time to reposition and to focus on future target markets. But what exactly has changed? What challenges need to be overcome? Where are the most promising business potentials? How do we react to readers’ changing consumer behaviour? Can we adapt business processes for a secure future? All of this will be addressed at this year’s Future Book Forum and we will share answers to these questions. Join us online on November 18.

Watch video highlights from last year


  • Opening: Why books matter more than ever
  • The journey of the Future Book Forum to 2020: How a challenging year can offer opportunities...
  • Status of the industry: ...and what will publishing look like in the future
  • Your voice: Market research results
  • Consumer world: How this year has changed our readers' worlds
  • Publishing world: Has this year changed Future PLC's business and in what way?
  • Inspirational case: Lessons from the Financial Times in 2020
  • Global Focus: Panel with booksellers from around the globe: From in-store shopping to personal customer services
  • Innovation accelerator – impressive customer cases: Technology and creativity join forces to fuel the publishing business
  • Summary: Recap of the excellent ideas & what you will do


Online Conference 18 November 15:00 – 17:45 CET